Самое последнее продление триала.

Дата: 05 января 2011 | Рубрика: Новости 

Разработчики Холдем Менеджера продлили триал сканера столов ещё раз. И обещают выпустить платный релиз 1июля.

В последних версиях беты Холдем Менеджера добавлена поддержка турниров Ongame в новом формате и поддержка 6мах SnG c 1000 на старте для  Betfair. Об остальном судите сами:

 * (1.09 Beta 7 HUD) Hopefully lag issues fixed. Make sure you are not enabling live tracking for any sites, if you had problems with previous builds.
* (1.09 Beta 7 HUD) Pre-fetch back for Stars tournaments.
* (1.09 Beta 7 NEW) William Hill players who have date issue due to the way that one site saves the date on some systems can close HM, edit the HoldemManager.Config changing <setting name=»WilliamHillAlternateDateFormat»>False
to <setting name=»WilliamHillAlternateDateFormat»>True and then relaunch and it will work.
* (1.09 Beta 7 NEW) You can now set the Default Tourney Buyin Amount and Default Tourney Rake Amount for sites like Everest and Ongame that do not include buyin amounts. This can be set under the Options Menu.
* (1.09 Beta 7 NEW) Added ongame tourney support for new hand history format. Please note that ongame tourney hands no longer include any tourney buyin, rake, finish or winning amounty details. Holdem Manager will use the default tourney buyin amount and try to calculate everything else based on that
* (1.09 Beta 7 BUG) Fixed split pot winnings bug for new ongame hand format
* (1.09 Beta 7 BUG) Fixed Between issue with auto rate form

* (1.09 Beta 8 NEW) Betfair 6max SNG’s with 1000 chips to start are now detected properly and winnings paid out
* (1.09 Beta 8 NEW) You can now remove names from the «Change» list that normally includes all players you have recently looked at
* (1.09 Beta 8 BUG) Some actions in Absolute/UB hands now have the text «Preselection» in the line. This caused the hand to import in error and this has now been fixed
* (1.09 Beta 8 BUG) Player count in bottom of grid of Players tab was not accurate if you used filters
* (1.09 Beta 8 NEW) Added support for PT3 exported Tournament summaries
* (1.09 Beta 8 SCANNER) Extended trial for scanner for another 10 days — we will likely be launching this officially on July 1st